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Protect your mailbox against unwanted e-mails


The last few weeks, our K-Force helpdesk team received again several reports of customers considering unwanted e-mails (SPAM), sent by thirt parties.

These e-mails usually request personal information and sometimes contain links to fraud websites.

It is not always easy to distinguish them from secure e-mails.



  • Unknown sender
  • The content of the e-mail is not clear
  • The e-mail looks unprofessional (bad use of phrases, incorrect spelling, frequent use of exclamation marks, unkempt layout, ...)


… then it is important not to respond or click on any of the links and to just delete the mail.


Also, if you do not have a (business) relationship with the sender, and all of a sudden, they ask you for information or to click on a link, it is recommended not to trust this e-mail.

If you are aksed for confidential information, such as financial data, passwords, etc. we strongly advise you not to reply to this kind of e-m


Always check whether the sender actually uses an e-mail address which seems legit.
For example: the "Proximus" company will only send you e-mails via the domain name "@proximus.com".


Some examples of recently sent unthrusty e-mails:



Which solutions does K-Force offer?

In the first place, it remains important to be attentive and to take the above tips into account.


In addition, our K-Force cloud technolgy has a much higher level of protection than, for example, a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, ... e-mail account. 


We also propose the ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) for some time now. Thanks to this ATP option, e-mails are checked even before they arrive in your mailbox.

In addition, this ATP option will also check the external links that may be sent via mail. Below you can see a visual representation of this extra ATP safety solution.





If you are interested in a K-Force secure cloud mailbox, or if you don't have the ATP option yet, you can always contact K-Force through this page.

The K-Force team will then take the necessary actions with you.