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Servers & Virtualisation

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to be able to rely on stable and reliable hardware.
  • You like to keep your data indoors and find that good security is important.
  • You want to continue working during power outages. Moreover, you want to count on a partner that proactively notifies problems.
  • You want a centralized way to manage your data and licenses.
  • IT is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for which you want to reap the full benefits.
  • Your employees want to be able to work from anywhere.


Count on K-Force for monitoring and securing your server

A high-performance server is one thing, but proper protection is just as crucial. After all, you keep all your critical business data on a server.
Thanks to our advanced antivirus and firewall solution, we should not intervene as it should be updated - ie it happens automatically.
In addition, we monitor your server proactively so that problems can often be resolved before you even notice it yourself.


Choose for quality and work uninterrupted, even during power outages

K-Force works only with high quality servers. We have for eg. a partnership with Fujitsu.
K-Force also has masses of experience regarding server installations. Of course, also after the installation, you can continue to count on us  with our service contracts, so you can count on us at a cheaper rate, and you can dial during extended hours.
Even when the power goes out, you can continue to work, thanks to UPS technology.


You don't like to outsource your data?

With our physical servers, this is not a problem
If you do not like to give your data out of hands, a server can offer a solution. So you know exactly what happens to your data. This is obviously not the case with a rented server. We like to make the reflection to find the appropriate configuration for your business.
K-Force can intervene as well on site to make the migratioin as smooth as possible.


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