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Count on a professional.

Many problems can easily be solved remotely.
The advantage of this is that you do not lose time waiting for a technician to come by, and you do not have to be constantly present for a remote intervention. K-Force has a permanent team of experienced technicians who can help remotely with numerous problems.

If necessary, for example for installing a network, printer, computer, ... we can of course also send a technician on site.

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If possible, we will handle most matters remotely (remotely). This is practically very simple and you also save time.

Certainly if you have small questions, you can certainly request a remote assistance via our "Helpdesk" page.


Installation & Optimisation
of your network

A stable WiFi connection has become indispensable in a home environment. K-Force specializes in wired and wireless networks and can make an analysis for each situation in order to optimize the existing situation.



Of course we can't solve everything remotely.
We also have technicians who can come and do all kinds of installations or problem solving on site.

For example, if you want to purchase a new computer, and you would like us to install it at home, this is of course also a possibility.

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