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Security Expert

Prevention is better than cure.

Today there are many different threats once your computer is connected to the internet.
It is therefore best to take the necessary precautions to provide adequate protection.

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Be sure of an automatic renewal of your license and support from K-Force if necessary.
Thanks to our antivirus solution, you can count on us, and you do not have to keep an eye on when it is time to extend or update. Moreover, we can optionally protect you against cryptolocker viruses.


Backup of your files
In the cloud

Did you know that a copy of your data on an external hard drive or USB stick is not a real backup?

At K-Force we have a professional, externalized, secure and automated solution with technical follow-up so that your data is always stored securely. Moreover, this is proactively monitored so that we can intervene preventively in the event of any technical problems. That way you no longer have to think about making a correct backup.


Cloud mailbox

In addition to being very careful with suspicious emails, a mailbox at K-Force is the best choice for security: the level of protection and filters is many times higher than, for example, a Skynet, Telenet, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo,. .. account. You can also contact K-Force for support.

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