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Full cloud or hybrid cloud?
We can do both. But what is the best solution for you?

Nowadays, everyone is moving to the cloud and that is a good evolution.
You no longer bear the sole responsibility for your critical and confidential data and you are always operational.
In fact, you can just focus in your business. Just imagine that!

For some companies, a full cloud solution is the best option.
For others, it is better to opt for a hybrid (partial) cloud solution.
If you want to know what the best option is for you, feel free to book an appointment. We can help you.

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Full Cloud

With our Full Cloud Platform, we move everything to the cloud: your mailbox, calendar, contacts, files and even your everyday software.

This way, all company data is securely stored and quickly accessible for all employees, wherever they are. Every employee has its own, personalized, full desktop in the cloud.

No need to invest in expensive and quickly outdated infrastructure

We manage and maintain all cloud infrastructure so you don't need to invest in new servers every x years, pay for maintenance of those servers, electricity, server rooms with ariconditioning, ...

Flexible and scalable

Thanks to our scalable and transparent solution, you only pay for the number of employees who really need their cloud environment. If your company grows, your cloud can easily grow with you, without the hassle of having to invest in more infrastructure: we just add new users.

Top notch infrastructure

K-Force only works with datacenters that meet the highest possible security standards in the Benelux.
By using our platform, there's no need to have ultra-performant machines yourselves, because our platform is unlimited in resources: we allocate the storage and processor capacity needed in order for you to work comfortably.

So why still invest in your own, less secured, server and expensive hardware?

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What about the transition?

No worries! K-Force ensures a smooth transition, and a complete migration of your data, e-mails, contacts, ... from your previous environment to the new one. If you change your e-mail address, we will also ensure that you do not miss any e-mail.


Hybrid Cloud

Should you have software which is not compatible with our cloud environment, we can work out a different solution: have your data and e-mail securely stored in the cloud, and run your software locally.


E-mail, agenda & contacts

With K-Force Cloud you can have all your e-mails, calendars and contacts secured and centrally stored in the cloud.

This way, you have exactly the same data available on an unlimited number of devices. Also, in case of failure or a new device, we can help you directly to regain your mails, contact persons and calendar.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about the (password) management or complicated configurations. All this for a clear price per user!

We take care of:

  • User management
  • Password management
  • Technical support
  • Configuration of your devices, remotely or at our offices
  • One free domain name


Did you know that a copy of your data on an external hard drive or USB stick is not actually a backup?

At K-Force we have a professional, externalized, secured and automated solution with technical follow-up so that your data is safe at all times. You no longer have to think about making a correct backup yourself.

How do we proceed?

We come on-site and analyse your everyday way of working in order to develop a tailor-made solution which will work for you. Full or hybrid cloud.

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