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Are you looking for something tailor-made? We can help.

Your business sometimes needs a specific (software) solution or size.
Think of a sales program, stock management, quotation generator, ...

Often the existing programs on the market are only partially satisfactory,
does the support not go well, or customization is not possible.

K-Force develops software and web applications, fully customized and in consultation with the customer. So that you have a solution that is fully adapted to your needs.

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We develop administrative applications, CRM applications, stock management systems, order process systems, tracking tools, reservation systems, reporting tools, planning tools, ... Almost anything is possible.



Are you looking for a simple solution to easily and quickly send newsletters or general communication to your contacts? Look no further.

With our solution you can add contacts in batch in no time. The system automatically checks for duplicate or invalid addresses. Contacts can also unsubscribe automatically if required.

With the built-in wizard you can easily use a pre-made layout, compile a layout with the 'drag-n-drop' principle, or write and use your html code yourself. The linking and hosting of images is handled through the system.

Thanks to the built-in statistics, you can easily trace the reach of your mailing. For example, you can see where your readers are coming from, how many clicks you have generated, what exactly was clicked on, and so on.

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Your website is the showcase of your company, so you want it to look good and remain accessible. You may not have the technical knowledge to set it up and keep it up-to-date later.

We can develop in and for various systems such as Drupal, Wordpress or completely custom. The intention is always to create a back office that is as user-friendly as possible for the customer, so that it is relatively easy to make substantive changes yourself.

K-Force is a stable company that you can count on. We have already successfully completed numerous projects, and will remain available for further developments or questions even after the initial creation.

How do we proceed?

In a standard situation:

  • We plan an initial exploratory interview to get to know your wishes.
  • We propose up to 3 basic versions.
  • If agreed on one of those versions, the website will be further developed.
  • We take the time to test until everything is ready.
  • The website is being delivered.

We can provide numerous references upon request.

Everything that goes with it

Of course you can also come to us for the hosting, domain name and professional e-mail address (info@yoursite.be) that belong to your website.

We notice that the chance of hacking today is only increasing. That is why we can also permanently increase the security of your website by performing optional security updates.

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