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Your hardware, with service & support.

At K-Force you purchase with service.

In our workshop we can deliver all computers, laptops, smartphones, ... (purchased from us or not) ready for use. If desired, we can also send a technician on site for installation and connection in your office or company.

We can migrate a maximum of data, e-mails, ... from an existing one to a new device,
configure all your accounts correctly, prepare your access to the cloud, and so on.

In terms of hardware, we choose to present a selection of devices in our demo room that we often use ourselves, and that we know are sufficiently user-friendly and the after-sales service is in order.

We choose to take enough time for your projects. That is why, if useful, we will schedule an appointment to answer your questions and make you a personalized proposal.

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Mobile & Fix

Do you also work on your desk with a fixed computer, in your private and in your second branch with another computer and on the road with a laptop, so that you work with different settings and files?

Many people work in such a situation and often they cannot access certain files from another location.
Difficult if, for example, you want to show a product to a customer ...

At K-Force we also know this problem, and we have everything needed to solve it: a powerful, light laptop, in combination with a docking station, keyboard / mouse set and a widescreen at your fixed workplace (s) .

This way you can take your laptop with you wherever you go, and you only have to connect or disconnect it on arrival or departure.

We can therefore advise you on many different situations. Whether you are at the office or on the road all the time, or a combination of the two.
This always with all necessary accessories such as ergonomic keyboard and mouse, a handy carrying case, ...



Are you looking for a professional solution for a meeting room that works flawlessly? With our interactive screens (up to 86 "), you can immediately mirrors your laptop or smartphone screen without cables, give presentations, make live notes, and e-mail everything to the participants of the meeting or presentation in one go.


Copiers & Printers
With service

Whether you need a big copier with finishing options, or a compact all-in-one, K-Force can help by advising you on this and with the installation.

Print cheaper and guaranteed with our Brother Print Services

K-Force has a solution that automatically provides you with new ink or toners before they are completely empty and you have all repairs and spare parts on your devices for the entire duration without extra costs.

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Professional copiers

For the bigger needs, we work together with the most qualitative partner in the market, namely Ricoh. Here the possibilities are unlimited: folding and finishing options, large capacities, document management, etc. Ask us about it, because a good analysis is certainly necessary here.

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