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Count on K-Force as your all-in partner
for cloud & IT in the broadest sense.

K-Force is committed to providing a personal and dynamic service to its customers.
Do you have a problem, a question or do you want advice? We can help.

We do not limit ourselves to one specific area of expertise, but offer a wide range of
cloud & IT services to be able to answer as many questions as possible.

Do you want a guaranteed continuity for the functioning of your organization,
certainty about your company data, and focus on your own activity? You can count on us.



At K-Force we work according to the FIFO principle. First In, First Out; in order to treat everyone with the same priority.
However, if you (regularly) need a faster service, you can opt for a VIP Business Contract.


You will be helped faster at half the price for remote assistance and enjoy express service on your repairs.


Our own
Repair center

We have our own professional workshop with over 20 years of experience. Over the years, K-Force has become the reference in the region and far beyond as a reliable, qualitative and above all honest repair center. Our repair center is equipped with the latest tools and techniques. A team of experienced technicians handle PCs, Apple computers, printers, etc. daily.

Our Repair Center services



In a constantly evolving market such as IT, it is important to occasionally question your infrastructure: are you still working in a safe and efficient manner according to current standards? Can't this be improved? Do you have a sufficiently reliable and secure (wireless) network? Aren't you paying too much for maintenance and repair work to keep everything running? We also automatically examine with you the possibilities to prepare you as far as possible for the GDPR legislation that is already in force.

How do we proceed?

We analyze your work processes (on site) and review your current IT solutions. We pay extra attention to safety and make a customized proposal.


Remote or on-site

Do you have a problem? We can probably fix this remotely.
K-Force has a hotline with ticketing system and professional technicians. We are available from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on business days.

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