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Security is more than an antivirus

Have you already thought about centralizing the security of your IT park and having it proactively monitored?
K-Force has been doing this for its customers for years, and continues to closely follow the evolutions in the field of safety.
Hackers are inventive. Viruses and other threats are therefore constantly evolving.

That is precisely why it is important to protect you as completely as possible against all these possible threats at all times.
What steps have you already taken towards securing your data?

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Cloud security

At K-Force we work with professional solutions that we can all manage centrally and remotely.

Do you have a new device or an extra device? Everything can be centralized and remotely arranged, and you always stay up-to-date with regard to new security updates.

Even in the event of technical problems, we can intervene much faster.

Protection against cryptolockers

CryptoLocker is a ransomware type of malware that 'holds' files hostage by encrypting them (making them unreadable). The hacker tries to make the victim pay to get his files back. So it is a matter of doing business with criminals or saying goodbye to your files.
We advise against paying for this, but rather opting for our cloud antivirus solution, in combination with a preventive cloud backup.



By placing a firewall between your local network and the internet, you make it very difficult for hackers to penetrate your local network. A correct configuration is of course very important. This is of particular importance for companies with sensitive information on their computers or servers.

A useful function that our firewalls have is VPN (virtual private network). With VPN you can effortlessly connect two local networks via a secure connection over the internet. That way you can use the internet with confidence or connect to your company environment remotely.



We can proactively monitor numerous devices.
That is to say: we see it as soon as something goes wrong, and can act accordingly.

In addition, we ensure on a regular basis that all updates and safety patches are performed correctly.


Protection of your Mailbox

With K-Force Cloud all your e-mails, calendars and contacts are secured and centrally accessible in the cloud, and this with the highest possible level of security.

Our help desk regularly receives notifications i.v.m. unwanted e-mails (SPAM) sent by third parties. These emails usually request personal information or contain links to fraudulent websites or viruses. Unfortunately, it is not always obvious to distinguish these from secure e-mails.

In addition to being very careful with suspicious emails, a mailbox at K-Force is the best choice for security: the level of protection and filters is many times higher than, for example, a Skynet, Telenet, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo,. .. account.

In addition, our mailboxes are equipped with the ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) function. Thanks to ATP, emails are checked even more before they end up in your mailbox on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, ATP will also check the links in e-mails, and will only forward you when they have been checked and considered safe.

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