Telecom Expert

Count on K-Force as your all-in partner for
Telecom & connectivity.

As a Platinum - Proximus Enterprise partner, we can build on a strong partnership
with the leading provider in Belgium to offer you the best possible ICT, mobile and voice solutions.

We provide you with a direct & dedicated point of contact.
Our experts with many years of experience will assist you with advice and help you in making the best choices.

All of this taking into account your (business) requirements whether it concerns your processes,
your employees or your budget.

Would you like a free check-up of your mobile and fixed rate plans?



The mobile market is a rapidly changing market. Therefore let KF, as an independent partner, make a free of charge assessment of your current mobile telephony subscription.

This way you are sure to benefit the most advantageous pricing.
Save time and don’t get stuck in the queue! Our K-Force back office colleagues are available for a quick follow-up.

Contact us with your questions via e-mail at proximus@k-force.be or by telephone at 02 669 30 00.


Business telephony

Communicate professionally with your customers, never miss a call, stay accessible everywhere with a local or virtual telephony solution.

Thanks to our broad knowledge in network, traditional physical telephone installations, VoIP and all related hardware, K-Force is your ideal partner for this.

Contact us for a commitment-free, free of charge audit of your telephony.


Data connectivity

Internet via copper or fiber, secured or not, KF is thé reference partner to assist you in making the right choice and for taking care of the implementation of your connection

Our experts think along with you, for example for emergency solutions in case of internet fallout or interruptions.

Moreover, for any internal (fiber) cabling works, we have our own certified installers, which enables you to gain valuable time in the delivery and installation of your ordered solution.

This makes K-Force the perfect link between the introduction of your internet and assuring that you and your employees are fully operational.


Measuring is knowing

Analyze the behavior of customers, machines, ... and use them to adapt your marketing.

This is perfectly possible thanks to various solutions and new technologies, such as Big Data, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

K-Force implements these solutions tailored to the needs of your company.

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