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Ensure your business continuatity during the second pandemic wave

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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K-Force enables telework for your company

The fight against the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has put homeworking back at the top of the agenda. Where possible, homeworking is obligatory and has once again become the norm, just like during the lockdown in the first wave. Homeworking had slowed down a little but has been more present than ever before. According to surveys conducted by the Belgian Economic Risk Management Group (ERMG), about 35% of employees have been homeworking since the Covid-19 crisis began in Belgium.

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Have teleworking work to your advantage


Commuting between home and work is no longer necessary. This does not only save time and money, it also reduces the employees’ stress level, shortens traffic jams and benefits the environment!

Homeworking can make jobs more accessible for people. As a result of the larger recruitment pool, you can more easily find the right candidates with the desired/required profile.

In short, giving an employee the possibility to partially work from home, definately has its advantages. And in case we all need to go in full lockdown again, then you are prepared to continue running your business in the most optimal way.

What are the advantages of telework for my company?

Is my company ready for telework? Receive a handy checklist.

Suddenly, your employees no longer work within the - hopefully - secured network in the office. In addition, the VPN connection has to take care of much more traffic. How can you protect your home working employees and company data against targeted attacks in this way? And what are the agreements with your employees regarding teleworking?

With our partner Watchguard, known for solid firewall solutions, we offer an e-book full of practical tips and a complete checklist that can help you better prepare for or organize work from home.

Naturally, K-Force is there for you if you have any questions about this. Our IT consultatnts are available for an online video meeting.
You can schedule a meeting here very quickly and online.

Free webinar on support and protection of teleworkers

With the increasing number of employees working remotely everywhere around the world, businesses are now looking at supporting a mostly, if not full, remote workforce. But just because security at the office is no longer a high priority, that doesn’t mean that remote security should be overlooked.

View this on-demand webinar with Ben Oster, senior product manager, and Stephen Helm, product marketing manager, both at Watchguard, where they discuss how to overcome the challenges of remote security, including:

  • Best practices to keep in mind when securing users remotely and on the go
  • Importance of detecting and responding to security threats immediately
  • Security solutions with always-on protection

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Get ready with K-Force, quickly and stress-free

An adequate ICT infrastructure and digitally skilled staff are indispensable for a successful implementation of teleworking. If you don't have an internal IT service, this can be challenging. This is where we can help.

Since a long time before the existance of COVID-19, we and our customers were well-prepared for this situation thanks to our cloud platform. More concretely, thanks to our broad knowledge and expertise we can transform your company to a (hybrid) teleworking company quickly and stress-free!

Do you want to learn more about possbile security threats in 2021? Our security partner WatchGuard has made some interesting predictions!

View 2021 cybersecurity predictions

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We are specialized in cloud and telecom solutions. With our team of 30+ experts, you can count on us to move forward with your business during these challenging times.

Facilitate safe, smooth and efficient teleworking thanks to a high performance and secured cloud environment for everyone, a secured Watchguard VPN connection, Microsoft 365 accounts, high-quality computers and / or notebooks, headsets, solid internet connectivity and the right mobile tariff plans.