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Tip: easily create surveys and forms

Thursday, July 25, 2019

At K-Force we often get the question from our business customers how they can easily create a (satisfaction) survey, poll or form.

Good news: this is included in your Office 365 subscription! With Microsoft Forms you can create professional looking forms in an instant.

Often you need a separate and expensive software for this. Certainly if you want to be able to easily export the results for analysis. With Forms you can export results to Excel in a few clicks.

An additional advantage is that Forms is available online and is even adapted for usage on mobile devices. Everyone can complete your Forms, both within and outside the company.

Below we briefly explain how it works.


Create a form

You can access Microsoft Forms through the website https://forms.office.com or via the login page of Office Online.

There you will get an overview of your existing forms or forms shared with you. Of course, nothing will be visible when you first use it.

Here you have the choice to create a form or a quiz. In the quiz you can add answers and scores and add mathematical equations as a question. The user who completes the quiz immediately sees which answers were answered incorrectly and which score he achieved. As an administrator you can easily send feedback to the user. A very simple way to make an online test.


Types of questions

Via the "Add new" button you can add different types of questions to the form or quiz.

  • Open questions: Here you can indicate whether a short or long answer must be entered, with the option of providing additional explanation.
  • Choice questions: Here the user can select one or more answers.
    Assessment questions: Here the user can give an assessment, in stars or a figure.
  • Date questions: Here the user can indicate a date.
  • Classification questions: Here the user can move or drag the proposed fields to arrange them as desired.
  • Likert questions: Here the user can indicate the extent to which different matters apply.
  • Net promoter score: Here the user can indicate the probability that he would recommend you or your organization.

There are still many advanced functionalities, such as working with taps: the user is sent past other questions depending on a given answer. It is also possible to adjust the theme and insert images for illustration or decoration.

Measure and share


The "Responses" tab gives you a good overview of the answers received, and even the average response time and more.

Via the "Open in Excel" button you can open the results in Excel and analyze and filter in more detail.

Via the "Share" button it is easy to only share the form or quiz with people within the company, or with external parties, if they have the link. It is also very easy to invite people via email, with a QR code or via an Embed in a web page.

Microsoft Forms is one of the many useful tools included in your Office 365 subscription.
K-Force specializes in Cloud services such as this, and can certainly help you with the creation and use thereof.

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